En – Platinum Exocortex

Who We Are

We are a startup (Fintech) that develops 100% quantitative algorithms to operate in the financial market, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms.

The technology is proprietary and has been tested and improved over the last 10 years. We focus on constantly improving the performance and efficiency of our models and systems. Gradually, we have been able to develop an extremely intelligent tracking platform, using the world´s most advanced knowledge in cognitive computing.

We believe we have developed an innovative, disruptive, unparalleled technology to operate in the financial market through highly advanced algorithms that processes and analyzes large volumes of data and variables in real time. Our approach is based on intelligence, not speed.

Nossa Missão

Revolutionize the asset management model in the financial industry.

Nossa Meta

Generate consistent results in a systematic manner on multiple assests.

Por que ?

With the evolution of AI, we are experiencing a revolution in the financial sector. Part of the human brains will be replaced and/or combined to computers (Exocortex), just as muscles were replaced by machines in the industrial revolution. It is not an option, investing in technology is mandatory; a competitive advantage.

Pra Quem ?

The technology can be applied to any data format that has a standardized basis. We turn data into solutions. To date, we focus exclusively on the financial market.